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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

L'Oreal Rouge Caresse:

It seems to me that lately drugstore brands have really been stepping up when it comes to the products they're releasing. Not only have I found a new favourite foundation (more later!) but the amount of drugstore lip products in my traincase has more than tripled over the last few weeks. Maybelline are becoming a firm favorite, but today I want to showcase some lovely new lipsticks from L'Oreal.

Rouge Caresse is a new range of lipstick from the brand, promising a lightweight, silky veil of color. Though smaller drugstores seem to be stocking only around 4-6 shades, there are 10 available in total and I recently picked up five after falling in love with a swatch on my hand.

Fashionista Pink and Tempting Lilac.

Lovely Rose, Impulsive Fuschia and Nude Ingenue.

Fashionista Pink - Tempting Lilac - Lovely Rose - Impulsive Fuschia - Nude Ingenue

I'll start with the shade I dislike the most and the only one of the five I own that really accentuates any dryness I may have on my lips. In the tube Fashionista Pink looks like a pretty pastel pink, but on the lips its almost frosty looking and settles with a white-ish cast in any cracks. The texture is lovely but it's not a shade I will be reaching for again.

Tempting Lilac is one of my favorite colors of the lot and I've already worn this a fair few times. The swatch was taken at the same time as the one above, but you can see how it smooths over the lips and doesnt accentuate dryness like Fashionista Pink. It glides smoothy and really moisturises the lips whilst giving them this gorgeous pink, almost mauve like tint.

Another shade I probably won't wear a lot or repurchase again, Lovely Rose is a medium toned pink which isn't flattering to my skintone and like Fashionista Pink, tends to settle into cracks in my lips a little. It's a nice shade that will suit many other skincolors but may require smoother lips or a little scrub before applying.

Impulsive Fuschia is such a gorgeous, glossy and bright pink that has quickly become a staple in my makeup bag. As you can see from the haphazard application above, it does take a little care when applying as the silky texture does tend to smear a little if you're not careful. But it's a beautiful, pigmented shade that really brightens up the face and works with a ton of different skin tones.

Nude Ingenue is a pretty, brown based (but not too much so) nude which is decently pigmented and glides on the lips smoothly. This one is perfect for everyday wear or with a dramatic eye.

These remind me a little of Yves Saint Laurents Rouge Voluptes, but not all are so pigmented as those and the texture not quite so luxurious and creamy. But for around 8.99 GBP they are definately more budget friendly and worth checking out!


  1. great post! thanks for doing lip swatches too, really helpful xxx

  2. I have Fashionista Pink which I feel the same about...I wear it with another lip product.

    I'm in love with Tempting Lilac and Impulsive Fuschia! I need them in my life...though they'll have to wait until payday! Lol xx


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